The Parts for the Model 60 Roller Reamer are interchangeable with most other 3 or 6 Point Model 60 bodies.  We use the same part numbers that were originally set up for this tool for easy identification.  We maintain a large inventory of Roller Reamer parts.

Roller Reamer Assembled Parts
To assemble the 3-Point Model 60 Roller Reamer, each pocket takes 6 parts:

An Upper Bearing Block, a Lower Bearing Block, a Bearing Pin, a K or Q Cutter, a Cross Pin and a Lock Bolt with a Lock Washer.

There are two options of Cutters available depending on the formation that the drilling site has.

The “K” Cutter is the one most commonly used.  It has holes drilled into the body and Tungsten Carbide Buttons are pressed into the holes.  The “K” Cutter is designed to run in hard, abrasive formations such as granite or sand.

The “Q” Cutter is used primarily in the larger hole tools (16” thru 28”).  It is designed for medium to hard formations such as dolomite or lime where a crushing action may be required.  The “Q” Cutter has grooves milled into the cutter body in a spiral pattern.  The outer surface of the cutter body is dressed with Tungsten Carbide and then ground to the proper size.

All of the parts (except for the Cross Pins & Lock Bolts) are carburized prior to completion.  This is a heat treat process where Carbon is injected into the furnace.  This results in an extremely hard surface on the parts for a depth of .050” (a case depth).  This first .050” is between 58 and 62 Rockwell C.  As a comparison, the Roller Reamer body has a hardness range of 30 to 36 RC.

The Bearing Blocks are installed into their pocket with the use of a hydraulic press.  The last operation of the Bearing Block is to be precision ground to + 0/-.001” tolerance.  The Block pocket is ground to +.001”/-0.  We call this a Press Fit.

The Bearing Pins are precision ground. Since this is the surface that the Cutters rotate on, the outside surface is Case Hardened to extend the life of the part.

The Lock Bolts and Lock Washers are made from heat-treated alloy.

The Cross Pins for Hole Sizes up through 12-1/4″ are Roll Pins, and the largest Cross Pin for 16″ through 28″ are precision machined.

Bearing pins and hardware

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