Houston Downhole has been producing tools for the drilling Industry for over 30 years. Our dedication to both quality and service has made us a respected name in the field of Downhole equipment.


Our tools are newly manufactured to API Spec 7.1.  Any premium threads required are machined only at facilities that are licensed for that particular thread.  Our raw material meets or exceeds all industry standards.

Our Sales Staff has a great deal of knowledge about the tools we build. We can help with your drill string requirements from the design standpoint to the finished product.

We furnish a Certificate of Conformance packet with all Serialized Tools that includes the Mill Certs and all pertinent Certifications pertaining to the tools purchased.

Houston Downhole warrants that its tools and equipment are manufactured to its specifications and are substantially free from defects in workmanship.

We can take care of any additional requirements needed such as pressure testing, 3rd party inspection, special coatings, make-up break-out, etc.  The results of these processes or tests will also be included in the COC packet when applicable.

Houston Downhole Drilling Tools, Inc.
Houston Downhole Drilling Tools, Inc.

Houston Downhole is ready and able to respond to the needs of your business.