Houston Downhole builds the Model 60 type Roller Reamer. The Roller Reamer is used in the Bottom Hole Assembly.  A Near Bit Reamer is made up right behind the Bit (or a Bit Sub).  Usually 2 String Reamers are placed a little further up the string with 21 or Drill Collars between them.  As the drill bit progresses into the ground it wears down and loses diameter.  The function of the Roller Reamer is to keep the hole on size.  Without the Reamer, a new full gauge drill bit will not fit completely to the bottom of the hole.

Roller reamer Bodies

By far, the most common tool is the 3 Point Roller Reamer.  It has 3 milled pockets on the crown of the tool spaced 120° apart.

We also build a Six Point Roller Reamer in Hole Size up thru 12-1/4”.   This tool has 2 sets of 3 pockets (offset from each other) and is much longer than the standard Reamer body.

Houston Downhole builds Roller Reamers from 5-7/8” Hole Size up thru 28” Hole Size.  On all Hole Sizes, the parts assembled in the pockets make the the Hole Size, the crown of the tool takes less abuse than if it were directly against the wall of the hole.

5.875 Hole Size

The only part of the crown that needs protection against excessive wear is the leading (lower) edge.  Since it goes into the hole first, we’ve created a wear pad by drilling a pattern of holes at the bottom of the crown.  There are three sets of these holes equally spaced between each Lower Block.  Tungsten Carbide Buttons are pressed into these holes until they are flush with the body.

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