In addition to the tools that we manufacture, Houston Downhole also provides the following items at competitive prices:

Rig Site Accessories

We furnish Drifts for Tubing, Drill Pipe Tool Joints and Casing.  There are several different types of material these can be built from – Steel, Urethane, Teflon, Nylon and Aluminum.  We offer Drifts with closed ends, ones that are retrievable, and ones that are hollow.  They are all manufactured to API’s OD tolerances.

We carry Stabbing Guides molded from Urethane material.  There is an option of two styles of closures available – a Buckle Latch and a Magnetic Latch.  We can furnish Guides for all Tool Joint connections, with the type of Connection & OD of the Drill Pipe Tool Joint. We can also furnish Stabbing Guides for Casing, with the Casing size & Coupling OD.

Stabbing Guides

Cast Steel Lifting Bails  – we stock these for the API Threads as well as the all the Premium threads that are produced.  We furnish Foundry Certs with chemistry and physical properties, and results of a pull test performed on each piece.

We stock a large inventory of Tool Joint Thread Protectors.   The protectors for the Premium threads are Heavy Duty Plastic.  The API thread protectors are available in Light Duty Plastic, Heavy Duty Plastic & Pressed Steel.

Drill Pipe Mud Screen

Drill Pipe Mud Screens are dropped into the top stand of drill pipe.  They catch debris which helps keep the drilling fluid cleaner.  This type of screen never goes below the rig floor which allows easy and frequent cleanouts. The body is built from round Stainless Steel Rods with Stainless Rings evenly spaced for added support.  The body portion of the screen is phosphate to deter corrosion.  There are flanges to fit almost all drill pipe tool joint connections.  These flanges are replaceable and are wireline retrievable.

A Bit Breaker is used to ‘break out’ the Drill Bit from the tool above it. Since the Bit is on the bottom, there isn’t another tool below it to tong on for leverage. The Bit Breaker is dropped into the Rotary Table and the Drill Bit is lowered into it.  The opening in the Bit Breaker is shaped like a Tri-Cone Bit so the Bit can’t rotate. The string is slightly ‘bumped’ counterclockwise until the Bit starts to unscrew.

We build these to accommodate Hole Sizes from 3-3/4” up thru 36” and fit in a standard 27-1/2” Rotary Table.  We also can furnish an Adapter when the Bit Breaker needs to fit in a 37-1/2” Rotary Table.

Ring Gauges allow a quick check of the diameter of the Drill Bit, of Stabilizers, and of Roller Reamers.  They should pass over the largest diameter of these tools with a small amount of clearance.  Too much clearance indicates excessive wear and if the ring gauge won’t pass over the area, that indicates the tool might not be the correct hole size.

Houston Downhole is ready and able to respond to the needs of your business.