Houston Downhole’s Hole Openers are designed to for the enlargement of a pilot hole and for large hole applications.  The lower section of the tool has circulation jets arranged in various patterns.

RHO Hole Opener

For Hole Sizes from 5-5/8” up thru 6-1/2” we offer a fixed arm design.  This style of Hole Opener is called the HOC Series.  Due to the smaller body limitations, these are all dressed with 2 Cutters.  The HOC Series is interchangeable with the old Security type hole opener.

For Hole Sizes from 7-7/8” clear up thru 58”, our Hole Opener is built with replaceable Arms as well as replaceable Cutters.  This feature allows each size body to be converted to more than one hole size by changing out the Arms & Cutters.  This style of Hole Opener is called the RHO Series.  Hole Sizes from 7-7/8” up thru 36” have 3 Cutters & 3 Arms per assembly.  The larger size, starting with 42” can have either 4 or 5 Cutters & Arms per assembly depending on the Body size.  The RHO Series Body & Parts are not interchangeable with other brands of Hole Openers.

We build a detachable Bull Nose to use as an option for the Hole Opener. It has a Carbide Jet Nozzle installed in the bottom to allow circulation.

The Cutters are available in two styles – Mill Tooth for medium formations and TCI for hard formation.  Both styles are furnished with sealed bearings.

Houston Downhole is ready and able to respond to the needs of your business.